Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Bailey!

Bailey's birthday is on Monday but we celebrated it yesterday with Uncle Travis's family and Shawnle.  With moving, I didn't want to plan a kid birthday party.  At the new house, we will have a joint kid party for her and Ryleigh.

She requested a Daniel Tiger birthday cake.  Lucky for me, she already had the Daniel Tiger figures from Christmas.  I tried a lazy way to make your cake look like it had fondant.  It did not work.  Next time I will stick with the real stuff.

Aunt Nicole got her unicorn Stompeez.

And Auntie Ann made her an Ana hat to go with her Ana dress up clothes.

We love this girl so much and are grateful she is part of our family.  She told us when she turned 4 she would stop sucking her thumb.  Saturday morning I reminded her of that and she said, "I am not 4 yet!" and stuck her thumb in her mouth with an attitude.  Today she told Devin she will stop when she is 5.  She keeps us laughing, that's for sure.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

We started the weekend off with the Autumn Winds egg scramble.  We love going to that one.  Not a lot of people and it is fun to see the elderly watching the kids.
The girls were not afraid of the bunny this year!

Bentley got to participate.  He successfully got himself one egg and was very excited about it.

There it is!

Still hanging onto that egg.

The egg scrambling crew!

After the soccer game, we busted out egg dye.  Not sure why I thought glitter egg dye was a good idea last year when I picked it up in the after Easter clearance.  I hate glitter!

He didn't know you had to remove the shell first.

They look cute though.

Ryleigh hollered from her bed at 6:15 this morning asking if it was morning.  I told her no and to go back to sleep.  Every 10 min I heard the question again.  Eventually her and Bailey went to play in their room and at 7 I heard, "Mom, my clock says 7:00.  Can we go downstairs yet?"  I told he we had to wait for Bentley to wake up.  10 minutes later, "Mom, I think I hear Bentley."  Nope not yet.  at 7:15 Bentley was awake so we headed downstairs.  If only she woke up that easily on school days.

After Bailey found her first egg, she was mad that she had glitter all over her hands.  Ryleigh continued finding the eggs and we heard Bailey in the bathroom washing her hands.  I think she only found one more because she wasn't a fan of the glitter either.

Bentley found one!

Ryleigh was excited to find this one.  

After the eggs were all put back in the carton, we were still missing one.  Ryleigh's conclusion was that the Easter Bunny ate it so she quickly gave up.  Bailey gave up a long time before.  I looked at the picture from coloring them to see what color it was.  I thought it was yellow so I was looking for a yellow egg.  After I had searched a long time for that egg, I told the kids whoever found it would get a dollar.  Seconds later Ryleigh found the missing egg.  However, it was blue.  I had made a yellow and green egg and in the picture the yellow was showing.  This morning, the green was showing.  Remember the blue egg Bailey found and got glitter all over her hands?  She, for some reason, put it in one of the drawers in the kitchen.  Maybe if we told her we were looking for a blue egg she might have told us she hid it in the drawer.  Silly girl.

Bentley crawled right over to see what was in his basket.

Now we get to enjoy the day listening to General Conference to remember our Savior on this Easter Sunday.  We are grateful for Him and His sacrifice for us.

Spring Soccer Has Begun!

Ryleigh is super excited to play soccer again.  Devin opted to let someone else have a turn coaching but after the first game yesterday, wishes he would have coached.

She started this season the same as last, afraid to kick the ball.  The ball was at her feet numerous times but would back away and let someone else kick it.  With much encouragement from me, she was happy to report she kicked it twice the whole game.  Hopefully she gets over her fear quickly like last season and makes her team some goals.

The team we played was really good.  But they all had a good time.