Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sledding Adventure

We finally had a free Saturday with no commitments so we decided to head up to the mountains to play in the snow.  As we were driving further and further up the mountain we began to question if there was going to be enough snow to play in.  I had found a spot on the internet outside of Idaho City.  When we got to Idaho City we were still wondering if we were crazy for not checking the snow levels before we came up.  Then Devin saw the sign for the sledding hill I had found on the internet.  We found it with no problem and there was still enough snow to have a great time.

While Bailey finished her lunch, Dad and Ryleigh headed for the hill.  Bailey and I headed over just in time to see Dad break the saucer on his way down.  It broke in several pieces so we were down to one sled.
Bailey was pretty excited for her turn on the sled. 
Ryleigh loved it every time. 
Not a very good picture of the two girls going down but it was the best I got with the both of them. 
Ryleigh insisted on pulling Bailey back up the hill for another round.
But Bailey opted to bail out and try building a snow castle.

Dad and Ryleigh
Mom and Ryleigh 
Ryleigh was quite the trooper.  She went down and climbed up probably twice as many times as the rest of us combined. 
 Bailey and Dad
 Bailey taking a rest with Mom
Bailey tackling Dad.

Bailey was ready to head back to the car before Ryleigh was so we went and had a snack. 
We couldn't have asked for better weather.  It was nice and sunny and we were taking off gloves and hats because we were getting too warm.  There were multiple hills that were being used so we didn't even have to share ours very often.  We are excited to go back again next year!

It's a Boy!!