Sunday, June 21, 2015

Family Pictures

We headed up to Aunt Nicole's this weekend to have Uncle Rick check Ryleigh's eyes.  She is happy to report, she does not need glasses.  But we warned her that with her parents' wonderful eyesight, she will need them eventually.

We we were able to go to Blake's baseball game and see him hit his first home run.  It was pretty awesome to watch.  They didn't win so are out of the tournament but Blake had a great game.

Nicole was kind enough to snap a few family pictures in their "forest" for us.  The kids didn't last very long and you can imagine how difficult it is to get all 3 of them looking at the camera at the same time.  We did get a few cute ones though.  Thanks Aunt Nicole!

This was the first attempt and is my favorite!

These two were one picture but we cropped it to have the girls in one and the boys in one.

Yes, those are Bailey's fingers so I won't be framing this one but it will work just fine in the scrapbook.

I really like this one too!!

Thanks again for letting us visit!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Kindergarten Promotion

We have a first grader now.  Ryleigh has been promoted to 1st Grade!
They had a great music program to start it off.  Ryleigh was totally into the songs and actions.  It was pretty cute.

Getting her certificate from Mrs. Miller 

Mrs. Miller was wonderful for Ryleigh this year.  She made huge growth and came out not nearly as shy as she was.  Thank you Mrs. Miller.  We just found out she is moving to 4th grade so Ryleigh could have her again! 

Happy Birthday, Bentley!

My baby is 1 (and still has no teeth)!  We started the celebration with pulled pork sandwiches for dinner and kids jumping in the bouncy house.  

Then we came in for presents.

He opened these cars first and then wanted nothing else but the cars.

Until Brynley showed him the monster truck they got him. 

The kids were very happy to help him open the rest of his presents. 

He was not so happy when Uncle tried giving him a ride in his new truck. 

Then it was cake time.  He was interested in the cake until we started singing.

He was not too sure what to think of everyone singing to him. 

He got scared, cried and hid and then wanted nothing to do with his cake.  He just wanted to go back and play with his new cars

 until what Auntie had looked pretty good.

Thanks Tim, Shawnle, Uncle, Auntie and cousins for celebrating with us tonight!

We love Bentley to pieces and are so glad he is part of our family.  He is so fun to interact with  He loves his cars and and any ball he can get his hands on.  His father is very proud of this.  We look forward to a year of more firsts.

Camping Season!

The weather was better this last weekend so we went out for our first camping trip of the season.  We were pretty much eaten alive by the numerous mosquitoes while setting up the tent.  We immediately went to the market down the road for different bug spray and that seemed to help.  But you had to apply it the second you got out of the tent.

We played in the river for a bit but it was really cold so the kids opted to play in the sand instead.

 Ryleigh was a big helper with Bentley while Devin and I tried to get things done.

Bailey fell asleep before dinner Saturday night so she missed out on dinner, s'mores 

and games. 

The girls asked to help with dishes after pancakes. 

Real Salt Lake

We decided to not go on our usual camping trip over Memorial Weekend because of the weather.  Instead, Devin bought tickets for the soccer game.  It was a great game to see.  They played NYFC which is coached by Real's old coach.  Real had a few key players come back from injury in this game too.

Celebration after the first goal

Real won 2-0!