Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discovery Center

Devin's parents came into town last week.  We took Ryleigh to the Discovery Center in Boise.  Here were some of her favorite exhibits.

Magnetic table

Echo tunnel that she enjoyed hollering into

They had this peg game that she was obviously too young to play but she stayed here for a long time putting the pegs in the hole and then back in the box over and over again.

She loved the giant bubble maker

This one was by far her favorite.  Air would shoot out of the tube and hold the ball in the air.  When it would shut off she would go get the ball and come back to push the button to start the air flow again.  We stayed at this exhibit for awhile also.

In the last room they had a little grocery store for the kids to play in.  She didn't take the groceries off the shelves.  Instead, she put the groceries that someone had left in a cart, one by one into another cart.  She was done playing here when a little girl tried to steal her groceries out of her cart.