Saturday, October 17, 2015

The only indication that fall is here is...

Halloween sugar cookies...

and the pumpkin patch!
The girls love the hayride out to the middle of the patch.

Bentley, not so much.  He freaked out when we got back on after we found our pumpkins.

Ryleigh found hers first.

Bailey found hers!

Bentley found his.

Holding on tight to their pumpkins on the hayride back.

We have had a really warm fall this year.  We haven't even put the shorts away.  The forecast this week seems that maybe fall really is here.  I love this time of year!

Fall Soccer

Fall soccer has almost come to an end.  We have 1 game left.  Ryleigh has decided that she doesn't want to play soccer anymore.  She wants to give softball a try like her cousin Ashlyn.  When she puts effort and cares, she plays a pretty good game.

Devin coached again.  He couldn't handle sitting on the side last season while the coaches didn't know what they were doing.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kid Pictures

We took the kids out this evening to get some pictures.  I was pleased with the outcome.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun with Grandpa!

We LOVE that Grandpa and Grandma McDowell are going to be so close.  We went Labor Day weekend to hang out with Grandpa so he wasn't bored sitting at home by himself.  We went to the Pocatello Zoo, swam in the cold pool at the hotel, went on a picnic at a huge park/playground near their new house and had a BBQ with our friends Morgan and Robert.  

Digging for fossils.  Bentley did not like getting his hands dirty.

grizzly bear

Look at these cuties!

Grandpa moving Bentley along

The kids went down this slide numerous times.  Love this picture of Ry!

Again, Bentley has dirty hands.

Ryleigh feeding the goats.  Bailey was not interested.

Instead, she asked Grandpa for a boost to pet the cow

We stood and watched these crazy goats play king of the rock forever!  It was pretty funny.

Can't wait to come visit next weekend when you guys are in your new house!

First Day of 1st Grade

Ryleigh was excited to start school again even though that means getting up super early.  She is not a morning person but has done very well so far.  Her teacher is Mrs. Christensen and Ryleigh absolutely loves her.  I have already had numerous staff members tell me how much Ryleigh has come out of her shell.  She was super shy last year.  She has no problem carrying on lengthy conversations with them this year.  It is the last year that she will be alone with Mom at school.  Watch out kindergarten, Bailey is coming!

Showing off her new backpack in Mom's classroom.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

AVID in San Diego

I left Devin and the kids at home to go to an AVID training for school in San Diego.  Grandma and Grandpa Larsen came up to watch the kids while Devin was at work.  We greatly appreciated it!  And felt bad that the air conditioner went out on them one day they were here.

Two of my coworkers and I were on the early flight Sunday morning so we had all day to hang out in San Diego before class on Monday.

First stop, breakfast at a tasty bagel shop.

Then it was off to the San Diego Zoo

We took the bus tour first to see what the zoo had in store for us.

We ended the zoo trip with the sky tram.

Sara and I were not too sure about being that high in the air.

After the zoo we met up with other coworkers that were on the second flight for lunch at KC BBQ.  This is where the piano scene in Top Gun was filmed.

Then we headed over to our hotel to check in.  This was the view from our room.

One night after class we rode the ferry over to Coronado Island for dinner.

Those 2 towers were our hotel

Ready to get back on the ferry to head back. 

A couple of nights we hung out by the pool around the fires they had.

We had a fun time hanging out after class each day but felt the actual classes we attended were a repeat of last year.  It was a good reminder though I guess.  I was excited to get back to my family.  However, I don't think they missed me at all with Grandma and Grandpa here.