Monday, July 28, 2014

Bailey LOVES Gymnastics

Bailey has watched Ryleigh attend gymnastics for 2 years and has been waiting for her turn.  We put her in at the beginning of the summer and she loves it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lava Hot Springs

Last weekend we met up with Devin's parents and our friends the Deans in Lava Hot Springs.  We did everything we wanted to but enjoy the hot pools.  It was way too hot outside.  Now we have to go back this fall to try them out.

We started out at the water park with Morgan and her kids.

Bentley hung out in the stroller while the rest of us enjoyed the water. 

They had a fun area for little kids. 

Peyton and Ryleigh had a lot of fun together. 
We didn't get to spend the whole day there like we planned because of the weather.  They kicked us out because of lightening but we got to go back in for a little while.  Then they kicked us out again.  We thought the storm would pass quickly like the first one.  We were wrong.  We hung out across the street at some picnic tables under a covering hoping to go back in.  It started pouring down rain and it didn't let up for quite a while.  Devin finally decided to brave the nasty weather and go get the cars.  We loaded everyone up and headed to the Deans house in Pocatello for dinner.

 The next day we headed to Soda Springs to see the geyser that goes off every hour.

Grandpa and Grandma wanted to show us a grave stone of a family that came across on the Oregon Trail but didn't survive.  They buried the family in the box of their covered wagon.

Then we headed a little way out of town to the Hooper Spring Park.
Grandma and Ryleigh walking down to the spring. 

Dad testing out the soda spring water. 

Ryleigh thought it was terrible and spit it out. 
Next time we are going to bring some flavoring and make ourselves a tasty drink.

Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids while Devin and I tubed down the river in Lava Hot Springs.  We got a few bumps and bruises from our first run down.  After that, we did a lot better navigating the next few runs.

After the river, we ate at a tasty hamburger place there in Lava.  Ryleigh holding Bentley after dinner 

Bentley's Blessing

We were able to have Bentley's blessing the day after the reunion so my family could stay and be a part of his special day.  We were sad that Devin's family couldn't make it because of another family member's special day.

Bentley got to wear the same outfit Devin was blessed in.

Our friends, the Randalls, were able to join us too! 

McDowell Family Reunion

It was our turn to host the reunion this year.  We knew for a while that we wanted to go camping and last year we found the perfect spot when we were camping with Devin's sister.  We took everyone camping up at Bull Trout Lake.  We found 2 sites right on the lake, away from any other sites.  I reserved them clear back in January to make sure we got them.  It was perfect, minus the horrible amount of mosquitoes and the fact that my youngest sister couldn't make it.

Cousins from oldest to youngest

The girls getting drinks out of the pump

Bailey didn't make it very long on the walk before she was out

The little girls had fun reading Kelci's books

They even talked Grandpa into reading to them

Remember the mosquitoes I mentioned?  Ryleigh was showing Uncle Nathan all of her mosquito bites.

The kids had fun playing Ashlyn's new game

Bentley was a champ on his first camping trip.  Thanks everyone for offering to hold him.

The Uncles teaching Blake how to cut firewood

Some of us braved the cold lake.  Devin's shoe got stuck in the muddy bottom of the lake.  It was like clay. 

The last evening, the majority of the crew headed down the road to test out the hot springs.

We had such a great time! Thanks for everyone's help and making the trip out.  Can't wait for the next one!