Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This weekend we headed up to Bull Trout Lake to camp with Devin's sister Kristi, and her family.  We thought it was this coming weekend so we got a late start.  Oh well, we made it and had a great time.

 The boys loved playing with Lizzie and when Lizzie wasn't using her kennel, they were.

 Trevor and Ryleigh stoking the fire.

Trevor, Lance, Alan and Ryleigh roasting marshmallows for s'mores.

Ryleigh and Bailey enjoying their s'mores.

Bailey asked me to take a picture of her in the tent.  Love this girl!  She did much better on this camping trip even though she had a cold.

We all enjoyed playing in the beautiful, clear lake, even Lizzie.

Lance still loves Uncle Devin!

Lizzie was worn out from the boys playing with her all weekend she decided to hide under the table and take a nap.

4th of July Weekend

I know I am a little slow but I have been busy scrap booking our fun rather than blogging it.  My sister and her family came to town for the long weekend.  It was a pretty lazy weekend but we had an enjoyable time.

We went to a parade.

The girls played in the pool.

 The kids played Duck Duck Goose while waiting for fireworks and Devin decided to join in.

 Friday we went out to the lake at Lucky Peak.
Ryleigh and Ashlyn taking a swim.

 Ryleigh was freaking out because she thought we were going to go by the huge fountain in the middle of the lake.  We were nowhere near it.

 Blake and Ashlyn

The girls digging in the sand.

Thanks for visiting!  Can't wait to see you guys again next month.  I love that we live so close!