Sunday, October 19, 2014


Ryleigh is still loving soccer.  She was right when she told us she would get better.  She is not as timid as she was at the beginning of the season and has since scored several goals.  I was able to capture one of them last week.

Here is the pic of the ball she kicked rolling into the goal. 

Go Aggies!

At the beginning of the month we headed down to Utah for a long weekend to attend the Utah State vs. BYU game.  Aunt Kristi and Grandma watched the kids for us so we could go.  They had a great time being spoiled by them.

On our way down to Aunt Kristi's, we stopped at the mall in Salt Lake and stopped for a picture on the sky bridge.  After the mall, Grandma took to girls to Aunt Kristi's on the Front Runner train.  They had a blast riding the train.  The pics of it on are Grandma's camera.

Then it was off to the game with Daren!
It was probably the funnest football game we have been to.  We had a ton of fun!  Devin and Daren are very loud fans so we were getting looks and comments from the BYU fans all around us the whole game.

It was the first time the Aggies beat them in their stadium since 1978! 

Saturday we went with Kristi's family to a local farm that had tons of activities for the kids.

The girls' favorite was the giant slide you went down on a potato sack.  They wouldn't go down by themselves but went over and over again on everybody's lap.

Aunt Kristi and Bailey 

Mom and Ryleigh

They rode the animal train a few times too.

The petting zoo was NOT their favorite.  They were not interested in feeding the animals or even getting close to them.

So Dad took over on the feeding.  Bailey was just the right height for the animals to be right in her face.  She wanted out of there fast.

They loved the giant box of corn kernels too.  Trevor was having everyone bury him so the girls decided to copy him and bury themselves.

Thanks for a fun weekend everyone!

Bentley Turned 4 Months!

Bentley is growing too fast!  He turned 4 months at the beginning of the month.  He is rolling over from his tummy to his back, continues to sleep through the night, always laughing at his sisters and is overall a great baby!

Sporting his new football hat Auntie Ann made him ready for the Duck game

Trying some rice cereal

Giggling at Ryleigh after church today