Saturday, January 7, 2012

Silly 2 Year Old

Ryleigh loves to play with my tape measure while I am being crafty.  This time she wanted to use it to measure Bailey.

She soon got bored with that and decided to chase Lizzie around the house trying to measure her.  Bailey liked that a whole lot more than Ryleigh measuring her.

And for some reason, Ryleigh was calling her a bad dog.  Not sure where that came from.  After I took the video, Lizzie had had enough and went downstairs.  Ryleigh got mad and I told her she didn't want to play any more because she kept calling her a bad dog.  Then Ryleigh stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down to Lizzie numerous times, "I just kidding Liz, you not a bad dog!"


Ryleigh wakes up every morning, comes into our room and asks to watch "Mouse."  The other morning she wanted to hold Bailey while they both watched "Mouse."

Jumping Fun!

Over Christmas break my sister-in-law and I took the kids to Jumpin' Jungle, and indoor play place with 5 or 6 different blow up jump toys.  They had so much fun we stayed for a long time!

Devin took Ryleigh here about a year ago and all she was interested in doing was riding in these little cars the whole time.  Thankfully this time she only rode them every once in awhile.

Ryleigh was having fun running around in the arena with Madison and Zach 
she got whacked in the head by one of the rods!

Look at the height of that jump!

Hitting the floating baseball

Devin reminded me that Ryleigh did go down this slide by herself numerous times last time.  We all went down with her a few times until she was brave enough to do it on her own.  After she discovered she could climb the ladder and go down by herself there was no stopping her.  I am pretty sure I stood at the bottom of this slide for a good 45 minutes straight while she went down over and over and over again.  It ended when some bigger kids decided to go down at the same time and another right behind her and smacked into the back of her head.  Stinkin' kids!

We can't wait to take Blake and Ashlyn here this Spring Break!