Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tuckered Out!

What an evening at the Larsen home.  Ryleigh was whining and crying on the kitchen floor while I was making dinner about whether or not she got to stay up until Dad got home from work and having to take a bath before dinner.  Once I got dinner in the oven, I pulled Bailey away from Dora and Ryleigh off the kitchen floor and threw them both in the tub. 
You would've thought I was beating my children with the screaming and hollering coming out of their mouths.  One was screaming she wanted her blankie and Dora and the other was still crying about the previous issues which caused water to get in her eyes which then caused a full blown screaming fit.  While both of them were screaming, they were also kicking which meant they were kicking each other because of the small space they were in which lead to more screaming as well as splashing water all over the bathroom.  After washing both of them as quickly as possible I got them both out, Bailey dressed and calmed down and asked Ryleigh to go get dressed.
I went downstairs to check on dinner and realized the crying from upstairs had stopped.  I go to their room and find Ryleigh on the floor, still in her towel, asleep.
She played hard all weekend and it caught up to her I guess.  I got her out of her towel, into jammies and in bed with out her waking up.  She is going to wake up one hungry girl in the morning.

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed up to Kirkham Hot Springs to camp this weekend.  The weather was beautiful until Sunday afternoon.  We decided to pack up and come home Sunday evening.  Just as we were putting the tarp on the back of the truck, it started pouring down rain.  Good decision on our part.

We enjoyed most of our time in the hot springs that were right next to our site.  The girls tired out the little stream behind our tent right off.  Dad let go of Bailey and she bent down to touch the water with her hands and fell and hit her face on a rock.
Ryleigh enjoyed hanging out in the hot springs as much as Devin and I did.
Ryleigh made friends with a little girl whose family was camped across from us.  They played together all day Saturday.  She was pretty sad when the left Sunday morning and she asked if another kid was going to come play with her.
Bailey was ok with just putting her toes in the water.  She kept telling us it was too hot.
We discovered that Bailey is not a big camper.  Which makes sense since while at home, she would rather be inside watching Dora than play outside with the kids.  She asked numerous times to go home.
When Ryleigh wasn't playing with her new friend, she was riding her bike all over the place.
Last summer we went camping with friends and they had a camp shower.  It was the coolest so we invested in one for us.  It is a beautiful thing to be clean while camping. 
The girls enjoying their Capri Suns.
We hiked up one of the trails above the river.

She played hard all weekend and fell asleep after our hike Sunday afternoon. 

Spring Recital

Ryleigh had her spring recital for her little music class she attends.  She did a very nice job.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Birthday Ryleigh!

Thursday was Ryleigh's 4th Birthday.  Devin decided to take the day off since he doesn't get home until 10 on Thursdays and I have days I have to use before I lose them so I took it off too.  We decided to take our annual trip to the zoo.
We take a picture of each of the girls on the baby tiger each year.

Ryleigh posed for this one all on her own.

Ryleigh enjoyed feeding the goats.  Bailey wouldn't come close! 

Ryleigh's favorite animal

Ryleigh chose Arctic Circle for dinner and then we headed home to open presents.

Saturday we had a few kids and her cousins over for a party.  It was hot enough, we decided to make it a pool party. 

Ryleigh requested a Princess Tiana birthday cake this year.  I was pretty impressed at how it turned out.

Last year we started a pinata tradition for her birthday.  I opted not to make it this year and instead, bought one at the party store for 8 bucks.  So worth it!



Thanks for celebrating with us!

Monday, May 6, 2013

And They're Off!

We tried out the horse races for the first time this weekend and had a great time until we got rained on.  We would have liked to stay for a few more but Bailey was done being in the cold rain.  All we know about horse racing is from the ABC Family show Wildfire, which isn't much.  The girls had a great time and Ryleigh always picked the pink horse to win.  Devin even tried betting on the pink horse one race but couldn't figure out how the machine worked.  Good thing or we would have lost our dollar.  Ryleigh didn't pick well enough.

The Life of a 2 Year Old

Rough night equals crazy hair in the morning!

Not a fan of messy hands so she thought she would eat like a puppy.

I guess she didn't realize it would make her face messy

She found Ryleigh's old rain boots while I was rotating clothes out for the new season.  She put them right on and stomped around the house saying, "Fit, fit, fit!"  They don't quite fit her yet but maybe by fall.  She wore those around the house for the next several days and wouldn't take them off for anything. 

We went to the Community Day this weekend and they had pony rides.  Bailey was brave enough and couldn't wait her turn to ride one.  Ryleigh, on the other hand, said maybe next time she would try it.