Saturday, February 23, 2013

Interpretive Dance?

Not sure where Ryleigh picked up this skill but she continued this for a good hour tonight.  Bailey tried copying her sister but didn't last nearly as long.

(my editing program isn't working so I couldn't flip this video)

Princess Presto and Wyatt

We tried another Kid's Fair today and had MUCH better success than the one a the beginning of the month. The girls were super excited to see Princess P and Wyatt from Super Why.  Clifford was also there.  The girls were ok with him if he was at a distance.

Bailey tried numerous times to cut in line to see these two.  When it was our turn, she did not want to get very close to them.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Valentine's Day

Devin was working late on Valentine's Day so the girls and I made heart shaped cheese toast for dinner.  They thought it was pretty exciting and ate them all up.

Sisterly Love

Ryleigh and Bailey love to wrestle.  It is so fun to hear them giggle away as they wrestle each other.

Trying out Independence

Bailey is close to being able to get herself dressed and undressed  :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What a Great Big Sister

 Ryleigh loves to help Bailey out.  The other night she wanted to "read" Bailey a book before bed.

She also likes to get Bailey dressed.  Bailey was alright with it for awhile but Ryleigh couldn't figure out how to get the other leg in her jammies so Bailey lost patience.

Sometimes she is a little too helpful.  They were upstairs playing very nicely together.  I came upstairs and Ryleigh was getting after Bailey for something she did and I heard her say, "You need to take a time out.  Sit on your stool and don't get up til I tell you." 
I asked Ryleigh if she is the mom or dad and that only mom and dad put Bailey in time out.  Devin said she tried to do it again the other day.