Saturday, August 8, 2015

AVID in San Diego

I left Devin and the kids at home to go to an AVID training for school in San Diego.  Grandma and Grandpa Larsen came up to watch the kids while Devin was at work.  We greatly appreciated it!  And felt bad that the air conditioner went out on them one day they were here.

Two of my coworkers and I were on the early flight Sunday morning so we had all day to hang out in San Diego before class on Monday.

First stop, breakfast at a tasty bagel shop.

Then it was off to the San Diego Zoo

We took the bus tour first to see what the zoo had in store for us.

We ended the zoo trip with the sky tram.

Sara and I were not too sure about being that high in the air.

After the zoo we met up with other coworkers that were on the second flight for lunch at KC BBQ.  This is where the piano scene in Top Gun was filmed.

Then we headed over to our hotel to check in.  This was the view from our room.

One night after class we rode the ferry over to Coronado Island for dinner.

Those 2 towers were our hotel

Ready to get back on the ferry to head back. 

A couple of nights we hung out by the pool around the fires they had.

We had a fun time hanging out after class each day but felt the actual classes we attended were a repeat of last year.  It was a good reminder though I guess.  I was excited to get back to my family.  However, I don't think they missed me at all with Grandma and Grandpa here.

Camping at Anthony Lakes

After having fun in Washington, Nicole's family and us headed for Anthony Lakes to camp for the weekend.  It was gorgeous up there.  We took the last two spots that were open and they weren't very close to each other.  We set up the main camp at the one you didn't have to hike to and just set up Aunt Nicole's tent in the other site.

Bailey was good at convincing people she has short legs and can't walk as fast as everyone else so she needs a ride.  Blake was the first to volunteer while walking back to camp after going to the lake.

Bentley didn't last very long in his chair before he realized he could play in the dirt.

Baliey with her rock collection.

Bentley waiting impatiently for some more food because he is a bottomless pit.

Blake, Ashlyn and Ryleigh were entertained all weekend climbing up and down this boulder right in our camp.

We took a short little hike one morning. 

Isn't this the perfect picture spot.  Too bad we were in the shadow.

Dad was the next one that got to give Bailey a ride.  Dad got tired of carrying her so...

Uncle Rick volunteered to take a turn.

Bentley fell asleep along the way.

Ryleigh found a hiking stick. 

We had cross a muddy marsh along this fun little bridge.

Chow time!

The girls also entertained themselves riding bikes all around the campground.

Hanging out by the fire one night.

We had lots of fun camping with them and can't wait until we do it again next year!

Extended Family Fun!

A couple weeks ago we had my parents and sister here for the weekend before we headed up to Washington for my dad's family reunion.  We had a ton of fun playing with cousins!

They enjoyed swimming in our pool

After church, Grandma and Grandpa wanted a picture with each set of grand kids.  Then we headed for Walla Walla to hang out at Aunt Nicole's until Grandpa's family reunion.  We took Uncle Travis's kids with us since they were coming until Tuesday.

Some how Bailey and Brynley convinced Uncle Rick to stop doing what he was doing on the iPad and turn on Tinkerbell for them to watch.  It was super cute!

All of the cousins, except Blake, had a slumber party each night in Ashlyn's room. 

Bailey roped Blake into playing a game with her.

Monday we headed over to Pendleton Aquatic Center. 

Bentley wasn't a fan of going down the slides.  He just liked that it was a duck.

Bailey loved them though

Grandpa and Bentley

Bentley loved this jumper.

Mom and Bentley enjoying the water

Ryleigh was really sad that she was too short to do the big slides with all of the big cousins.  But she had fun going down this slide over and over again in the kid area.

Grandma giving Bailey a ride.

Grandpa trying out a slide.


Ashlyn convinced me to try it out too.

Tuesday evening we headed up to Tri-Cities to my aunt's house for the start of the family reunion.
Ashlyn took Bentley to go swing.

Uncle Travis got in on the Duck, Duck, Goose game.

Bentley and Grandpa playing ball.

Wednesday everyone came to Walla Walla to visit my grandparents' graves and then we had lunch and played games at Pioneer Park.
The girl cousins

Grandpa, Ryleigh and Uncle Travis making paper airplanes for the contest.

Bailey tries hers out before the contest.

Ryleigh showing off her airplane.  They were sad Dad wasn't there to help them make their airplanes.

The paper airplane contest.  Uncle Travis won by a long shot.

Bentley didn't get to get in on the games.

The egg rolling game

My cousins that were able to come

We played life size Candyland

Our family

Water balloon toss.  Bailey helped out Grandpa and Ashlyn and Ryleigh helped out Aunt Nicole and Blake.  It took them awhile to get it down but they eventually got it.

At one point, all 3 of my children were crying and wanted mommy.

We had a great week hanging out with family.  But the fun didn't end there.