Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bailey and Her Books

No, I am not a slave driver.

I was cleaning house yesterday and stopped vacuuming to switch laundry.  Ryleigh went over and turned on the vacuum and started cleaning away.

She got upset when I took over so I gave her the mop to start mopping.  I can only hope that she continues to enjoy cleaning for years to come:)

Ryleigh's Best Friend

We were dog sitting Ryleigh's favorite dog in the world last week.  I was outside doing some yard work and asked Ryleigh if she wanted to come outside and play with Archie.  She told me no and that Archie was going to stay inside and play with her.  I came inside to check on her a few minutes later...

Ryleigh had some how moved Archie's kennel to the other side of the house and was playing in it with him.  He wasn't very thrilled but Ryleigh was on cloud nine.  She kept talking to him like he was a person the whole time he was here.  She even asked him at one point, if he wanted to go play upstairs.  My friend always tries to pawn Archie off on us since Ryleigh loves him so much.  She even tried to give him to Ryleigh for her birthday.  I thought about it for a second when Archie would wake Ryleigh up in the mornings and she would be as happy as ever.  That doesn't happen EVER, when we wake her up.  

Bailey's Problem

Devin gets Bailey ready in the mornings and I don't know if something is too big until we arrive at Auntie's house.  One day last week was one of those days.  Ann e-mailed me this picture during the day.  She said Bailey was having a hard time keeping her skirt on all day and after standing up and sitting down over and over again, it finally fell down.

I guess she won't be wearing that skirt again for awhile.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


On Ryleigh's birthday last week, my sister-in-law took some cute pictures of Ryleigh and then created her a collage to sit on her dresser.  Here are a few of them.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryleigh!

Thanks for Lady and the Tramp Grandma!

She couldn't figure out how to get the two presents separated Aunt Nicole.  She tried real hard and eventually got the ribbon undone.

Thanks other Grandma for my purple blanket with Mickey and Minnie on it!  I sleep with it every night now.

Thanks Mom and Dad for my new bike!

She was waiting for me to get home so she could go ride her new bike and fell asleep.

She can't quite get it moving on her own yet.  But at least she can reach the peddles.

I made a pinata for the party today. 

Ryleigh took the first few swings.

It made it long enough for 5 kids to take a few swings at it and Madison finally broke it.

Minnie Mouse cupcakes for the party.

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

Thanks everyone for celebrating with us!