Sunday, September 21, 2014


We headed down to Indian Creek tonight to try and get a decent picture of the kids to update the one on our wall.  I had a few more poses in mind but Bentley was ready for bed so it didn't happen.  Here is what we did get.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall

After the aquarium today, we headed to The Vietnam Memorial Traveling Wall.  Devin's uncle was a Marine and died in the Vietnam War.  We went to find his name on the wall that came through Boise.

There he is, Edwin E Wilson.

Devin tried to do a rubbing with a crayon but it wasn't working.  The wall was too hot and it was melting the crayon. 

My friend, Shawnle, was at Ryleigh's soccer game this afternoon and mentioned that she was invited to speak at the program they were having tonight at the memorial.  We were planning on going there today so we timed it so we could listen to her speak on behalf of women in the military.  She served in the Coast Guard.  The girls kept waving to her from their seats.  They love her!

Boise Aquarium

Boise got an aquarium a couple years ago.  We heard it wasn't real great when it first opened but they have since added more to it.  We decided to give it a try.  It was actually pretty decent.  The girls loved looking at all of the creatures.

The first touch pool only had fish in it and they weren't swimming up to the top for us to touch so the girls just put their fingers in the water.

The next touch pool had sting rays and sharks.  Ryleigh was hilarious!  She would get up there to look and would quickly jump off when they came anywhere close.  Bailey sat in the stroller with her hands over her ears because Ryleigh would squeal each time she jumped down.  Bailey didn't even want to look.  I was trying to convince them and Devin to touch the sting rays.  Devin eventually did.  Ryleigh said no way and every time we mentioned it to Bailey, Ryleigh jumped in and told Bailey not to.

Bailey was hoping there would be sea stars at the aquarium and was talking about them all morning.  When we reached this touch pool she was very excited but wouldn't touch them.

After standing there and coaxing her for a good 10 minutes, Ryleigh finally touched the purple star fish.

Look at those suction cups!

Shark tank

They thought this was the coolest thing and kept climbing back up behind it.

"Take my picture, Dad."

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Stinkin' Thumb Suckers

We have been encouraging the pacifier with Bentley so we don't have another thumb sucker.  He has been caught a few times in the last few weeks sucking his thumb.

Auntie Ann caught him this time.

This time he thought he was pretty funny.

Ryleigh tattled on him for this one when he was going to bed but as I snapped the picture he took it out.

Both of the girls started sucking their thumbs before one month and never took a pacifier.  I am hoping we have a chance that he won't be a thumb sucker.


Today Ryleigh had her first soccer game.  She absolutely loves it!  She did really well keeping with the pack, but was a little timid about actually getting to the ball.  Devin and I were talking about how we have to work with her to be more aggressive.  She was listening in and said, "I will get better!"  We have two six-year olds on the team that have played before.  They were our goal scorers today.