Saturday, November 22, 2014


We missed the Caldwell tree lighting last night where we take the kids to see Santa.  I was thinking it was next weekend.  So we took the kids over to the Christmas show today.

Ryleigh was going to sit on Mrs. Claus's lap but when they got up there, Mrs. Claus motioned for both girls to sit on Santa's lap.

Bailey ran right up with her arms out and shouted, "Santa!"

They told Santa what they wanted and Santa reminded them to listen to their mom.  Smart Santa!

Bentley was very curious as to who this lady was that was holding him.

A Whole Different World

Bentley got to sit up in the shopping cart last night.  He loved being a big kid!

Why is This Not Working?

Bentley thinks this is the way to get moving.  It never works but it sure is funny to watch.  He gets pretty mad after awhile.  He reminds me of a penguin sliding on their belly.

When he is on his back he puts his feet and hands on the floor and scoots himself backwards.  I think that is what he is trying to do but it doesn't work the same on your belly.

Friday, November 14, 2014


We had our first snow way early this year.  The girls were so excited when they woke up and saw it.  It snowed all day.  As soon as we got home from Auntie's, they had to go out and play.  First item of business...
snow angels! 

Then we had to pull out the sleds to try them out on the driveway. 

Bailey was throwing the snow up in the air over and over. 

She eventually tried out the sled too 

It snowed all night which resulted in a snow day for me!  We headed to the favorite snow hill park for some sledding fun.  Bailey didn't last very long so I took her and Bentley to the car while Ryleigh and Dad continued to play. 


Both of my girls, since they were little, have loved eating their apples whole.  They often will go pull one out of the fridge and start chowing down.  They never ask for them to be cut up.

This is what happens...

when Daddy takes me to Auntie's with a bare head and toes when it is snowing outside.  She puts me in mismatched pink socks and sends me home with a new hat!

Bay's New Hair Cut

She has needed a hair cut for awhile now but I wanted to wait until after Halloween because I wanted to be able to put braids in her hair for her Anna costume.  I couldn't stand it anymore so we had it cut when we were in Utah last weekend.  I love how it turned out!

Go Ducks!

When we went to Seattle last season for the Duck vs. Huskies game, we all decided the Utah game would be the one we would all go to.  Sadly, Nicole and Tana could not make it.  But boy did we have a great time anyway.

We left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen and rode the train down to Salt Lake.

We met up with Travis and his friends before the game for some tasty bbq at Pat's. 

The Ducks had a hard time getting going at the beginning but the Utes fumbled the ball before crossing the line for a touchdown.  Everyone thought they had scored.  All of a sudden we see a pack of Ducks running down the field and score a touchdown.  Nobody in the stands new what was going on and they wouldn't show the replay.  It was all over after that.  I think the final score was 51 to 24.  We had a blast! 

5 Months!

We thought he would be good luck for the Bronco vs. Patriots game.  Nope, we lost.

He's getting better at this sitting up business.

Happy Halloween!

We went to our usual little local pumpkin patch again this year.  The kids love the hayride.

Ryleigh took awhile to pick her perfect pumpkin.  She kept changing her mind. 

Bailey found hers right away on the edge of the patch so she didn't have to walk around the big plants. 

Bentley wouldn't cooperate and look at the camera. 

Bailey wanted to paint hers again this year.  We tried putting Bentley's hand prints on his but it didn't work so we opted for a giant "B".  Ryleigh picked out Elsa (shocker) for me to carve on hers. 

I didn't let Devin get a pumpkin this year because I always end up finishing it.  I didn't really feel like carving 3 this year.  Ryleigh picked a captain kitty for me. 

While looking for costume ideas back in August one night, I came across a cute Elsa and Anna costume.  I showed Devin and the next morning he asked the girls if they wanted to be them for Halloween.  There was no turning back then.  I knew they would be one of many this year for Halloween but I couldn't change their minds.  But not everyone had an Elsa, Ann and an Olaf.  I had fun making all of their costumes. 

Great Job This Season Ryleigh

The last game of the season was a very cold one.  The season ended at the right time.  She had a lot of fun and can't wait to play again in the spring.