Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Girl Bed

When we were in Georgia, Ryleigh didn't want to sleep in the pack n play my aunt had borrowed for her.  She wanted to sleep in the twin bed that I was sleeping in.  I let her go to bed in it and then moved her to the crib when I was ready for bed.  I even braved letting her take naps in the twin bed.  She didn't get out of it once.  Even when she woke up from her naps, she hollered for mom like she does from the crib.  We called Dad on the way home and told him he'd better get her big girl bed ready for her.

She was so excited to sleep in it that night we got home.  The next day Dad was home with her and she kept getting out of it at nap time so she had to go to the crib.  One other night she got out a few times but I told her one more time she would have to go back to the crib.  She has done very well.  She is so little and she always crawled to the corner of her crib we were afraid she would fall out easily.  She stays in the same position the whole night and hasn't fallen out yet, knock on wood.  Most of the time she still hollers for us to come get her out of bed.  I think it is laziness.  She is very capable of getting out on her own.

Now hopefully, she won't get jealous when the new baby starts using the crib.

I am still looking for a comforter set for her though.  I am looking for a pink and brown one to match the room.  However, I can't find ANY cute little girl ones, let alone a pink and brown one.


Last week Ryleigh and I flew to Georgia for my grandma's funeral.  Although it wasn't the best of circumatances for going, it was fun to hang out and see family that we don't get to see too often.

One afternoon we went to a park for a picnic lunch and to feed the ducks. This time Ryleigh actually fed the ducks instead of herself.

I tried to get Ryleigh and her cousing Mariah to stand infront of this carving but everytime, Mariah would face the other direction.  Rumor has it, it wasn't just me.  She does that everytime someone is trying to take her picture.  Little stinker!

Ashlyn was so excited that Ryleigh wanted to sit on her lap to watch the ducks.

The cousins.  Look at all of that pink, girls!