Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Bailey!

Bailey is obsessed with Dora so I made her a Dora birthday cake.  I decorated it last night after the girls went to bed so when her and Ryleigh woke up this morning, they were very excited about it.  Ryleigh woke up first and couldn't wait for Bailey to wake up.  As soon as she did Ryleigh was up there telling her all about it.  All morning Bailey kept asking me to lift her up so she could see the cake up on the bar.

She was embarrassed that everyone was singing to her.

Opening presents

Auntie Ann got her jibbitz for her crocs so now she will NEVER take them off.  She has a Dora one and a sparkly jewel.

Aunt Nicole got both of the girls Dream Lites so she let Ryleigh open hers early with Bailey.  They were very excited.  It was quite the show in their bedroom tonight.  It took them awhile to go to sleep because they were enjoying the show and talking all about it.  Hopefully the newness will wear off soon and it won't take them quite so long to fall asleep.

Riding her new trike

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Already Has an Opinion

In my previous post I mentioned a fit Bailey threw over shoes.  I would love to say that this was an unusual occurrence.  However, it is not.  I bought her a pair of crocs a couple months ago.  She has an assortment of shoes so I added them to the rotation.  When getting her clothes out for the day I would pick a pair that went with the outfit.

The past few weeks she thinks she has an opinion on the jammies she wears and the shoes she wears.  If the jammies are dirty or I don't put on her crocs, it is a huge fit.  She refuses to wear anything but the crocs on her feet and always wants to wear her nightgown or feetsie jammies.  One day her crocs were in the wash so I put her new flip flops on.  Or should I say I tried.  She ended up going to Auntie's with out shoes on her feet that day.  Call me a mean mom, but I made her walk on the cold sidewalk with bare feet.  When Auntie tried putting her flip flops on later in the day to go outside she didn't want to walk in them.  Crocs are not my favorite shoe.  I think they are ugly but they are way nice for little kids because you can just throw them in the wash.

The fit she threw on Easter morning was over her wanting to wear her crocs to church.  I bought her a cute new pair of sandals to wear and she wanted to wear the ugly crocs to church.  It didn't happen.  She went on with her fit until we put her in the car to go to church and then she was fine and kept them on all day.

Not only will she not wear any other shoe, she wears them all the time.  A couple of times she has been upstairs crying and it was from either not putting her crocs back on after changing her diaper or her not being able to reach one of the crocs from her dresser.  More often than not, they go with her to bed.


We headed to Devin's parents' house for Easter for the first time.  His mom always does an egg hunt for the grandchildren and we have never been able to go.  She was excited the girls got to come this year.  We had a fun time visiting for the long weekend.

The weather was beautiful so Grandpa wanted to take the girls on a picnic and to feed some ducks.

Ryleigh tried chasing one down

We made

 and decorated Easter cookies with Grandma.

Saturday morning we took the girls to the park for an Easter egg hunt.  Neither of the girls were too excited about meeting the Easter Bunny.

 But they were very excited to find the eggs. 

Ryleigh carrying around her basket Sunday morning ready for church.
Bailey was too busy throwing a fit about the shoes I put on her for church to get her picture taken with her basket.

Not the greatest picture of either of them but it was the best one I got.

After lunch, Grandma put on her egg hunt.

 All of the kids find the same number of eggs and one big egg with their name on it.

When the hunt is over, they all bring their eggs inside to cash in for goodies at the "Bunny Shop". 

The girls had a great time and we can't wait to see if we will be able to go again next year.