Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Fruits of our Labor

This is the first ripe tomato from our topsy turvy. Devin has been enjoying a tomato a day. I am sad to say the strawberry one did not work.


Ryleigh took Devin's Sonic drink off the coffee table and tried to take it upstairs to him. She only made it to the bottom of the stairs before she started sipping away at it.

But as soon as he came down the stairs she sure was quick to give it to him.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Is She Too Young to Already Have a Chore?

Ryleigh gets very upset if she sees you feeding Lizzie without her. If we tell her it is time to feed Lizzie she walks right over, picks up her dish, and heads for the garage.

Part 2. She can't scoop the dog food out of the bin yet. She just holds the dish for us. So you didn't miss anything in the garage.

She has to set it down so perfectly and on the right side of the water which is where we put it. If the water is in it's place, she pushes it over. One thing she didn't do this time was point to the dish to tell Lizzie to get it, which again is what we do. It is amazing how kids learn so quick by example.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa Larsen!

For Devin's Dad's 70th Birthday the whole family spent a few days in southern Colorado in Pagosa Springs at some condos. We had a wonderful time and were able to do lots of things.
Ryleigh had fun playing on the toys at a park on the way there.

On the way down, we stopped at Arches National Park.

Devin, Daren, Ryleigh and I hiked to Delicate Arch.

Devin and I in front of Fiery Furnace.

Grandpa, Grandma, Daren, Me, Ryleigh and Devin at Sand Dune Arch

Ryleigh didn't like standing in the sand but loved sitting on the rock.

The resort had a mini golf tournament. Our family made up probably 3/4 of the tourney but some how, Donovon was the only one to win his age group.

We went to a wildlife park.

Ryleigh wanted to eat the animal food instead of feeding the animals so we put her back in the stroller and gave her some cheerios.

We hiked up to Treasure Falls.

Part of the gang
Grandma stayed down with the 2 babies and this is how we found Ryleigh when we came back. Grandma didn't want them to get bit by mosquitoes.
Grandma showed us that Ryleigh liked to give her cousin real kisses.
Grandpa, Donovon, Devin and I went to Chimney Rock. This is were the Ancestral Pueblo people built pit houses on a mesa facing Chimney Rock.

On the way back we stopped at Mesa Verde National Park. Here we were able to view and take tours of cliff dwellings where the Ancestral Pueblo people lived from 550 to 1300. It was very neat and interesting to see.

Ryleigh hiking to one of the viewpoints

The only three granddaughters

When we got back to Kristi's house in Lehi we took Ryleigh to a "farm" at Thanksgiving Point. She loved seeing the animals, going on a wagon ride and riding a pony.

We also hit a Real Salt Lake soccer game before we headed home.

Donovon, Devin and Daren

Our first goal. You can see the ball right on the goal line as it is going in.