Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Ryleigh, she is not a horse!

Amazingly, Lizzie lets her sit there for a little while before she slowly bucks her off.

Go Ducks!

I took this picture on opening day for Duck football and realized I never posted it. Here she is all decked out in her Duck apparel.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Love of Shoes

I have mentioned Ryleigh obsession with shoes. She loves playing with our shoes in the closet or with our sandals that are left downstairs. Every time we are getting ready to go somewhere or when she wants to go outside, she brings Devin and me our sandals. She has tried a few times to put her feet in our shoes but has never been successful. Today she put my sandals on and was walking all over the house. She thought she was pretty funny.

She IS Growing

Ryleigh is now tall enough to reach the floor when she is on her bike. She just learned how to get on it herself. It does take her awhile and she doesn't go about it the easiest way, but she can get on.

First Quarter Ride

Ryleigh got to ride on the horse at the mall. We have been by it a few times and she likes to watch the other kids ride. Saturday we were there and Dad let her ride one this time. She loved it even though she looks scared to death!