Sunday, September 23, 2012


When Ryleigh goes to bed, Bailey has free reign of any toy.  She thinks it is the greatest thing.
Bailey is NEVER allowed to sit in Ry's Mickey Mouse chair let alone play with her special Minnie Mouse from Grandma.

This is the Life!


Ryleigh was letting Lizzie lick her fingers as she was eating chips yesterday.  I told her it was gross then she grabbed Lizzie and said, "Take our picture, Mom."  What a nut!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The New Braclet

I was folding laundry on my bed and Bailey was up "helping".  She grabbed all of Ryleigh's underwear and was putting them on her arms.  She was concentrating so hard to get them on her arm correctly.  After they were all on, she would throw them off, put them in a pile between her legs, and start again.  She sat there for a good half an hour before I took them away and put her to bed.


The Love of PlayStation

When Devin is playing PlayStation, Bailey will walk over to the controllers and grab the one that Devin lets her use.  She climbs up on his lap or sits next to him on the couch and "plays" with him for quite sometime.


Last Camping Trip of the Season

Last weekend we took our last camping trip of the season.  Since all of the places we like to camp in the mountains are burning, we decided to check out Three Islands Crossing State Park.  It was like we were camping in a park because everything was grass and it was just outside of town.  It definitaley was not the way we usually camp but we enjoyed ourselves.
The girls got new camp chairs that they were very excited to try out.  It worked very well to have them sit in the chairs and use the picnic table bench as their table.

Ryleigh had fun throwing the frisbee with Dad that she got from the park ranger when we camped Memorial Day weekend.

She also enjoyed "walking" Lizzie around the campground.
We hiked down to see the three islands that the pioneers on the Oregon Trail used as stepping stones to cross the Snake River. 
Behind us, you can see the trail the pioneers cut out of the hill to get to the river.
 They also had a ferry that looked like Glenn's Ferry that the pioneers eventually used instead of crossing on their own.
After our hike, Ryleigh wanted to get her picture taken with Lizzie in front of these wagons.
 There was also an interpretive center that we visited.
This was outside the interpretive center.

Ryleigh thought it was pretty cool that the pioneer girls played with dolls too.

She had fun loading the wagon.  I think she ended up doing it 3 times before we finally told her we were done.

The day we left we drove to the other side of the river to the overlook of the three islands. They used the first two islands but not the third.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Saturday Full of Fun

Devin's brother came to visit for the long weekend.  They floated the Boise River and the girls and I went to the zoo.

We picked them up at the end and got a few pictures.

They looked a little wet.  Their reply, "We flipped it."  Daren ran them into a tree and fell out causing the kayak to flip over.  Everything was accounted for though, flip flops and all. 


I think Ryleigh's favorite animal is a camel.  Ok, maybe it is our favorite animal that she imitates and we ask her to do it all the time.  Next time you see her, ask her what a camel does.  They didn't have a real camel so this one had to do. 

This time around she was too nervous to feet the goats.  She did it once and wouldn't do it again.

Bailey wasn't too sure about those goats sticking their heads out so close to hers.  One of them started nibbling on the stroller.

This was the last weekend for Butterflies in Bloom.  Ryleigh wasn't too sure she wanted to go in with almost 2,000 butterflies flying around in such a small space.  Both of them loved it though.  Butterflies were everywhere.  Several people had numerous ones landing on their hats and shirts.  The only one that landed on us was on Ry's shoe and she didn't like that at all.  She quickly shook it off.

We stuck around in Boise for the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic Night Glow.  It was scheduled to be from 6-9.  We got there hoping the balloons would be out and maybe some be filled up that we could take a look and then head home.  Nope, at 7:00 they started showing up with trailers.  The Remax balloon filled up then deflated. 

Ryleigh passed the time wrestling with Uncle Daren
At 8:00, Mickey balloon filled up, spun around for everyone to get a picture, then deflated.
8:30ish all the balloons were out ready to roll.  8:55, finally, the glow had started.  It was such a long wait but ended up being pretty cool with them all lit up in the dark.  The time should have said from 8:30-9:00.  We were all getting pretty impatient, except Ryleigh.  She insisted we stayed until she saw 5 balloons inflated. 

Then it was home to watch the opening game for the Ducks!