Wednesday, August 21, 2013

McDowell Family Fun!

For our last week of summer break, the girls and I headed to Walla Walla to my sister's house.  We got to hang out with all of my siblings and my mom.  Which meant, all of the cousins were together.  And what is a McDowell gathering with out a photo shoot?
August 2013 206.jpg
Here they all are in age order:  Blake is the oldest at 11 and Kelci is the youngest at 11 months.
August 2013 082.jpg  
It was pretty interesting getting 10 kids to cooperate for the same picture.  There were lots of shots taken and we were able to get a few decent ones.

August 2013 219.jpg
And since all of us siblings were there, Mom wanted a few shots of us.
August 2013 223.jpg

Fun with Cousins

The kids had so much fun playing with cousins all weekend long.
August 2013 026(2).jpg
Bailey, Ryleigh and Brynley found the coloring tools.

August 2013 025.jpg
Kelci and Bailey enjoyed a tea part.

August 2013 030.jpg
Several of my aunt and uncles were in town for my cousins wedding so they stopped by to see everyone.  Uncle Alvin took his turn being the time keeper so the little kids and older kids had equal jump time on the trampoline.  These kids played on the tramp for hours.  It didn't matter how hot it was outside, they were having a great time.

August 2013 171.jpg
Good Morning!

Pendleton Aquatic Center

Saturday we all headed to the Aquatic Park.
August 2013 181.jpg
The younger kids had tons of fun going down the frog and duck slide over and over and over again.
August 2013 242.jpg
Uncle Nathan and Blake talked Zach into going down the really tall slide.
August 2013 185.jpg
The older kids found big kid slides to entertain themselves for awhile.

August 2013 037.jpg
Mariah and Ryleigh tried out the big kid slide.  Mariah was successful and Ryleigh, after lots of persuasion, chose to climb back down the stairs.
August 2013 183.jpg
The big kids tried out the diving boards.  
August 2013 259.jpg
and Uncle Nathan showed off his tricks.
August 2013 261.jpg
The younger kids also enjoyed playing in all of the spray toys.

August 2013 051.jpg
Uncle Rick took Ryleigh to the deeper part to play with the older girls.

August 2013 059.jpg
Kelci enjoyed the water towards the end of the afternoon.

August 2013 054.jpg
Ryleigh swimming on her tummy
August 2013 178.jpg
Look at those silly 2 year olds.
August 2013 060.jpg
There they all are!
August 2013 121.jpg
What a fun afternoon in the sun!

BMX Track

We took turns on Blake and Nicole's bikes to ride the BMX track.  When I was there in October, we weren't brave enough to try the whole track starting from the top.
August 2013 751.jpg
  Tana and Nathan had no problem right from the beginning.  This time I went all for it.  Nathan showed me how to start and it was so much more exciting doing the whole track. 
August 2013 752.jpg
Once I did it, I convinced Blake and Nicole to try it.  Nicole took a lot more convincing than Blake.
August 2013 749.jpg

August 2013 766.jpg

Towards the end we decided we felt comfortable, or maybe confident enough to race each other.
August 2013 774.jpg

August 2013 779.jpg
Ryleigh and Ashlyn even took a turn riding on part of the track.
August 2013 771.jpg

Berry Picking

Aunt Nicole had blackberries in her fridge that the kids were pounding so she thought they would have fun picking their own.  They had no fear of the thorns and enjoyed every minute of it.
August 2013 720.jpg
Grandma found a great spot with lots of berries so she called the kids over.
August 2013 710.jpg
Aunt Nicole giving Mason advice.
August 2013 728.jpg
Another good spot.
Bailey just getting started.
August 2013 737.jpg
There they all are with their goods.  My niece Mariah had 10 times as many berries in her belly as she did in her container.  She kept telling us she was hungry and they were yummy.  It was pretty funny to watch.