Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun with Grandpa!

We LOVE that Grandpa and Grandma McDowell are going to be so close.  We went Labor Day weekend to hang out with Grandpa so he wasn't bored sitting at home by himself.  We went to the Pocatello Zoo, swam in the cold pool at the hotel, went on a picnic at a huge park/playground near their new house and had a BBQ with our friends Morgan and Robert.  

Digging for fossils.  Bentley did not like getting his hands dirty.

grizzly bear

Look at these cuties!

Grandpa moving Bentley along

The kids went down this slide numerous times.  Love this picture of Ry!

Again, Bentley has dirty hands.

Ryleigh feeding the goats.  Bailey was not interested.

Instead, she asked Grandpa for a boost to pet the cow

We stood and watched these crazy goats play king of the rock forever!  It was pretty funny.

Can't wait to come visit next weekend when you guys are in your new house!

First Day of 1st Grade

Ryleigh was excited to start school again even though that means getting up super early.  She is not a morning person but has done very well so far.  Her teacher is Mrs. Christensen and Ryleigh absolutely loves her.  I have already had numerous staff members tell me how much Ryleigh has come out of her shell.  She was super shy last year.  She has no problem carrying on lengthy conversations with them this year.  It is the last year that she will be alone with Mom at school.  Watch out kindergarten, Bailey is coming!

Showing off her new backpack in Mom's classroom.