Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday, Ryleigh!

Ryleigh turned 5 on Friday!  I can't believe it.  She has been talking about turning five for several years because that meant she would be able to go to kindergarten.  I had a half day on Friday so we took her to lunch at Red Robin.  She wanted to wear a dress on her birthday so she looked cute opening presents.  She got to open presents from family that night.  Devin said she was asking all day to open them.  She even asked the second she woke up if she could open them before I went to work.

She was very excited to get the movie Frozen from Grandpa and Grandma McDowell.

And she was just as excited to get the one gift she asked for, a make-up kit from Bailey.

Saturday we had a little birthday party for her.  Again, she wanted to wear a dress for the same reason, to look cute while opening her presents.  She is such a girl!  She had her cousins and a few friends come to a Princess Party.  We started out playing Princess Bingo.  Even Zach and Mason played along.

 Bailey, Brynley and Madison

 Avery, Ryleigh and Ava

We played a find Cinderella's glass slipper game and then got up to the table for some cake and ice cream.  Ryleigh has been talking about the kind of cake she wanted for several months.  She requested a cake with all the princesses.  I found a cute picture on Pinterest of a castle with the princess figurines on it.  We were able to find all of the princess she wanted except Elsa.

Then everyone gathered around for presents.

We are so grateful to have Ryleigh as part of our family.  She is growing up way too fast.  We love her to pieces!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have been talking about doing a garden for several years now and we finally made it happen.  We have a section in the back yard that sprinklers didn't water well so we dug it up and made it our garden.  We planted cucumbers, squash, peppers and tomatoes in little pots to start out with before we dug up the spot for the garden.  Once we had the spot ready we planted corn and then carrots.  Every thing has sprouted except the carrots but they were the last thing we planted. 

Here is the progress thus far.  The girls are having fun watering and watching the plants grow.  It's fun to go out and see new plants popping up.

 The corn is to the right of the little pots.
Next weekend we will replant the potted ones into the ground.  Here's hoping we get some yummy veggies.


We tried using Kool Aid for dying eggs this year.  They turned out pretty well unless you left them in super long, the color slid right off.

Bailey thought she could eat them right out of the dye.

Ryleigh wanted to taste the dye once we were all done even though I warned her it would be gross since there wasn't any sugar in it.  But she insisted.  

She convinced Dad

and Bailey to try it too.

The finished product! 

Saturday morning we went to an assisted living facility for an Easter Egg Hunt.  The girls did not want to get any closer to that Easter Bunny. 

When Auntie and Uncle got there, Brynley convinced Ryleigh to give the bunny a hug. 

The girls were ready to go.

Bailey off to hunt

Then Ryleigh

Showing off their finds

The Easter Bunny came to our house.

Easter morning, ready for church.